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Jessica Cole, Listing Coordinator - Evans Team Utah

Office: (385) 335-3361
Cell: (385) 335-0618

Jessica has been with the Evans Team for 4 years. Prior to joining Summit Realty, Jessica attended St. John’s University where she graduated with a degree in English and dual minors in Social Justice and History. Jessica will graduate from Utah Valley University in April 2020 with a Master of Social Work degree.

Jessica loves getting to interact with clients as she currently serves as the Evans Team’s listing coordinator. Her number one priority is to make sure that clients are receiving world-class customer service when they list their homes. She helps clients with everything they need in order to get their homes on the market. Once their homes are listed, she is responsible for keeping clients up-to-date on showings and provides data and feedback.

Jessica enjoys serving her community and is currently an intern with Utah County Administration working on addressing domestic violence at the local level. She has also served long term at the Children’s Justice Center and Kids on the Move. In her spare time, Jessica loves attending local art productions and hiking. She’s also always looking for great food recommendations!